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Bakery Tote Box (Thank You, Birthday, etc...) Champagne Wishes Balic Duo Wine & Cheese Gift Box
Champagne Wishes
Price: $79.95
Assorted Rugelah (Apricot, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon, Raspberry), Old Fashioned Crumb Cake, Brownies, Jumbo Black & White Cookie, Jumbo Sprinkle Cookie and Jumbo Linzer Tart Cookie in a Handled Tote of Your Choice
Balić Winery Champagne, Seasoned Crackers, Brie Spread, flavored Breadsticks, Cheese Biscuits, Italian Pastry Cookies, Chocolate Granola Bark, Berry Nut Mix, Chocolate Pretzels, Chocolate Square in a Stylish Metal Container (container may be substituted subject to availability)

Balic Winery Red and White Wines, Snack Crackers'; Deluxe Nut & Fruit Mix, Berry Nut Snack Mix, Cheese Straws, Turkish Apricots, Craft Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Pecan Toffee, Cheddar Cheese Bar, Flavored Cheese Wedge, Brie Spread, Chocolate Granola Bark, Wine Biscuits, Handsome Custom Wine & Cheese Themed Box
Red & White Wine & Cheese Combo Chardonnay & Pinot Themed Gift Basket Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne Themed Gift Basket
Red Wine, White Wine, Turkish Apricots, Snack Crackers, Cheese Biscuits, Wine Biscuits, Chocolate Pecan Toffee, Chocolate Granola Bark, Deluxe Nut & Fruit Mix, Brie Spread, Cheese Bar, Flavored Cheese Wedge in a Custom Themed Wine & Cheese Gift Box
Premium Bottle of Chardonnay, Premium Bottle of Pinot Noir, Imported Crackers, Cheddar Spread, Wisconsin Cheddar, Jalapeno Jack Spread, Country Kitchen Cookies, Cheese Straws, Premium Nut Snack Mix, Flavored Pretzels & Gourmet Chocolate Squares and a Themed Box of 9 pc assorted chocolates in a Handled Rattan Basket
Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut, Seasoned Crackers, Imported Breadsticks, Wisconsin Cheddar, Bruschetta Spread, Gift Box of Decorated Chocolate Pretzels, Cheese Straws, Premium Nut Snack Mix, Imported Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Filled Cookies and a Theme Box of 9 Pc Assorted Chocolates in a Handled Woven Basket

Story Point Wine Tote Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne Gift Basket Johnnie Walker Collection Gift Basket
Story Point 2017 Chardonnay, Story Point California Cabernet Sauvignon, Wafer Crackers, Smoked Gouda Spread, Cheese Straws, Gourmet Chocolate Bar, Double-Bottle Wine Tote (Cotton canvas with thermal lining, included 2 stemless wine goblets and wooden handle corkscrew)
Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne, Seasoned Crackers, Smoked Gouda Spread, Wisconsin Swiss Spread, Stuffed Olives, Gourmet Popcorn, Fruit & Nut Mix, Cheese Sticks, Chocolate Filled Cookies, Premium Chocolate Bar and Gourmet Chocolate Squares in a Two-Tone Rattan Basket
Gift Box of Johnnie Walker Collection (Johhnie Walker, Black Label, Gold Label Reserve and Blue Label),
Flavored Crackers, Gouda Spread, Wisconsin Chipotle Cheddar, Garden Vegetable Cheddar, Wafer Cookie Rolls, Candied Nuts, Snack Mix, Chocolate Bridge Mix and a Gourmet Chocolate Bar in a handsome Gift Box
Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage Extra Brut Champagne Gift Veuve Rose Champagne Ruinart Rose Champagne Gift Basket
Veuve Rose Champagne
Price: $169.95
Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2012 Extra Brut Champagne, Imported Breadsticks, Brie Cheese Spread, Almond Snack Mix, Flavored Popcorn, Cheese Straws, Chocolate Filled Cookies, Rolled Wafer Cookies, Dessert Truffles and Hard Candies in a Handsome Stitched Leatherette Tray
Veuve Rose Champagne, Seasoned Crackers, Imported Breadsticks, Wisconsin Swiss, Cheddar Cheese Spread, Deluxe Nut Tray, Gift Box of Decorated Chocolate Pretzel Rods, Cheese Straws, Nut Brittle, Craft Chocolate Bar, Gourmet Chocolate Squares, Attractive Box/Tray

Ruinart Rose Champagne, Flavored Wafer Crackers, Seasoned Bread Sticks, Brie Cheese Spread, Bruschetta Spread, Cheese Twists, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Chocolate-Filled Cookies, Gourmet Peanuts, Specialty Chocolate Bar and Deluxe Trail Mix in a Wicker Basket
Cornucopia Gift Basket
9-12 Pieces of Assorted Fresh Fruit*, Pineapple Centerpiece, Chocolate Dipped Cookies, Chocolate Strawberries, Gift Boxed Gourmet Chocolates, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Italian Biscotti, Crostini Crackers, Hummus Spread, Monterey Jack Cheese Spread, Australian Sharp Cheddar Cheese*, Sopressatta, Mint Chocolate Thins, Premium Dried Fruit Tray, Deluxe Assorted Nut Tray, Coconut Macaroons, Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese with Onions & Chives, Italian Salami, Dipping Pretzels, Chocolate Pastilles, Roasted Peppers Appetizer

*Chocolates & fresh cheeses may not be shipped during warm weather or to warm climates. Substitutions may be made.
Fresh fruits will not be shipped more than 2 days travel time in warm weather or to warm climates and may be subjected to an expedited shipping rate.