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Wine and Spirits Gifts
Must an adult (21+) sign for gift containing wine or alcohol?


Federal law states you must be 21 years of age or older to purchase or receive a gift containing alcohol (wine or spirits),
with no exceptions. We recommend sending wine & spirits gifts to an address where an adult (21+) is sure to be present to sign upon receipt, such as a work address.

Additionally, title to, and ownership of, all spirits and non-Balic Winery branded wine products purchased on this site passes from Clark C. Liquors to the purchaser in the State of New Jersey and the purchaser takes all responsibility for the shipping/delivery destinations.
Upon completing the order and the credit card company approving your charge amount, you (the purchaser) own the goods. If you choose to have your goods delivered you are asking us to engage a common carrier of our choice to deliver your gift. By arranging transportation of said wine and spirits baskets, Clark C. Liquors is providing a service to, and acting on behalf of you, the purchaser. By utilizing this service from, the purchaser is representing that he/she is acting in a fashion compliant with his/her local state laws regarding the purchase, transportation and delivery of the gifts containing said wine & spirits. The purchaser further represents that he/she has obtained any required permission, paid any required fees, and is legally entitled to purchase, gift, or take possession of gifts containing said wine and spirits, and they and the person accepting delivery of the alcoholic beverage products are at least 21 years of age.