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Welcome to Balić Winery at Personally Yours Gift Baskets
We now offer a large selection of gift baskets featuring extraordinary award-wining wines from the
Balić Winery.

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Rose  Supreme Blackberry Wine Blueberry Wine
Rose Supreme
Price: $13.95
Blackberry Wine
Price: $13.95
Blueberry Wine
Price: $13.95
Pink, semi-sweet perfectly balanced wine for any dish, as well as an after dinner wine. May serve chilled. Rosé Fruit wine made from 100% pure blackberries, an effervescent member of Balić Winery's berry wine family. A wine for any occasion.

Fruit wine made from 100% pure Blueberries. Impeccable. Moderately sweet with a smooth finish, serve for dessert.

Red Raspberry Wine Cranberry Wine Cherry Wine
Red Raspberry Wine
Price: $13.95
Cranberry Wine
Price: $13.95
Cherry Wine
Price: $13.95
Balić's extravaganza berry wine. Made from 100% European Red Raspberries. Serve alone or with dessert (think chocolate...mmmm). Fruit wine made with 100% pure cranberries; light and sweet with the notable cranberry zing.  Versatile; can be paired with a pork, ham, or turkey celebration meal. Fruit wine made from 100% pure mature cherries.  Excellent alone or paired with creamy, soft cheeses.
Cream Red Cream White Almanique
Cream Red
Price: $13.95
Cream White
Price: $13.95
Price: $13.95
Demi-sec:  Medium dry, medium sweet made from Native American grape with an enchanting grape-y aroma. Excellent semi-sweet wine, best served chilled.  Wonderful after-dinner wine. Semi-sweet white wine with a true almond taste, Balić Winery's "Amaretto" wine.
Strawberry Spritzer White Spritzer Red Velvet Wine
Strawberry Spritzer
Price: $13.95
White Spritzer
Price: $13.95
Red Velvet Wine
Price: $15.95
Sweet and fruity, another member of our carbonated sparkling "spumante" wine family. A felicitous member of the Balić spritzers. Serve chilled. Award-winning semi-sweet carbonated sparkling white wine with a "spumante" taste.  Perfect for special events.   Our Red Meritage -- the label says it all. A perfect Bordeaux style blend with Cabernet Sauvignon dominating it. Soon after putting it on your taste sensors, Merlot is taking over. Semi-dry and smooth, your best compliment with veal, lamb, filet mignon and other red meats.

Country Red Riesling Napoleon Bonaparte
Country Red
Price: $15.95
Price: $15.95
Napoleon Bonaparte
Price: $15.95
Our Beaujolais-style blend table wine made with 80% Cabernet grapes. Gamay and Cabernet Franc are your first encounter -- the semi-dry lighter body and fine spice flair are then dominant, with fruity hints at the same time. Spicy gourmet food are your best compliment.

A more dry than sweet, premium white wine is made from a distinctive German variety of grapes to enhance your selection of entree. Pleasant with or before dining, with red or white meats.

Balić Winery's White Meritage. This glorious wine was consumed by the Emporor himself after his victorious conquers. Exciting taste of the French varieties will truly compliment your selection of entree, especially seafood, salads, or turkey and poultry. Premium reserve dry white wine compares to Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, or Chardonnay.

Pomegranate Wine Mango Wine Cream Sherry
Pomegranate Wine
Price: $15.95
Mango Wine
Price: $15.95
Cream Sherry
Price: $15.95
Balić Winery's signature fruit wine, made from pure 100% Pomegranates, nature's most powerful antioxidant. Amazing sweet and sour flavor, pair with any dessert or sip after dinner. Makes an excellent refreshing spritzer. **Balić Winery's Best Seller**
Light and fruity, made from pure succulent Mangoes. An exotic vacation in every glass!
A delightful "aperitif", Balić Winery's award winning premium reserve dessert wine. Their version of "Cinzanzo".
Pumpkin Wine Black Aronia Berry Wine Alexander the Great
Pumpkin Wine
List Price: $15.95
Price: $15.95
Alexander the Great
Price: $17.95
Made from 100% pure pumpkin, this harvest time favorite is a surprise to the palate.  Semi-sweet, it's the true flavor of pumpkin and graceful notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. The hearty Black Aronia Berry (aka Black Chokeberry) bush once thrived throughout North America. They disappeared, only to resurface and grow in popularity throughout Eastern Europe in the 1800’s. Today, we are seeing a resurgence of the growth of Aronia Berries in North America, as this tiny but powerful berry takes center stage among the “Super-Fruits”.

(Premium Reserve Ingenious Dry Red Wine)
It was Byzantine Empire "Delicatessen" wine. This indigenous Macedonian variety was the Emperor's favorite wine, especially after winning battles. "Vino Fatale" with your tender veal, steak or pasta dish. Unique in its polarity - masculine but feminine at the same time, robust but soft superb. Balić Winery's Signature Red, dry and full-bodied, made with Vranec Grapes, can compare to Malbec, Grenache, or Chianti.

Huckleberry Wine Mango Wine Gift Basket Wine & Chocolate Gift Basket
Huckleberry Wine
Price: $17.95
Made from pure plump and purple wild Huckleberries, most prized of all wild berries, naturally grown only in high elevations in the Northwestern United States. Delicious and exciting, serve alone after dinner or with dessert.

This wine is produced in limited quantities and stock is not guaranteed due to the rareness of the Huckleberry.

Balić Winery Mango Wine, Gift Box of Nut Brittle, Gourmet Popcorn, All-Natural Cookies, Chocolate Covered Fruit Bites, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Natural Wicker Basket

Balić Winery Red Raspberry Wine, Chocolate Dipped Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies,, Chocolate Peanuts, Chocolate Fruit Bites, Gourmet Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Milk Chocolate Sea Shells, Decorative Box/Tray

*Chocolates and fresh cheeses may not be shipped during warm weather or to warm climates.Substitutions may be made.
Taste of the Wine Country Wine, Fruit, and Cheese Gift Basket Wine and Cheese Board
Balić Winery Country Red Wine, 6 pieces Assorted Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Fresh Gourmet Hard Cheese*, Wine Snack Crackers, Milk Chocolate Sea Shells, Sturdy Decorative Box/Tray

*Chocolates and fresh cheeses may not be shipped during warm weather or to warm climates. Substitutions may be made.
Balić Winery Riesling Wine, Fresh Gourmet Hard Cheese*, Fresh Brie*, 9-11 Pieces of Assorted Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Woven Rattan Basket with Wood Handles

*Chocolates and fresh cheeses may not be shipped during warm weather or to warm climates. Substitutions may be made.
Balić Winery's Red Velvet Wine, Gourmet Flatbread Crackers, Fresh Vintage Cheddar Cheese*, Fresh Gouda Cheese*, Chocolate Bridge Mix, Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Cheese Board, Cheese Knife/Spreader

*Substitutions may be made when shipping baskets during warm months or to warm climates.
Welcome Wine Basket Country Wine Festival Gift Basket Home Sweet Home Wine Gift Basket
Welcome Wine Basket
Price: $64.95
Balić Winery Mango Wine, Imported Gourmet Cookies, Flavored Water Crackers, Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries, Shortbread Cookies, Cheese Sticks, Fresh Gourmet Hard Cheese*, "Welcome" Themed Box

*Substitutions may be made when shipping baskets during warm months or to warm climates
Balić Winery Country Red Wine, Fresh Creamy Havarti Cheese*, Red Wine Cheddar*, Dried Sausage, Flavored Water Crackers, Pistachios, Swiss Milk Chocolate Cookies, Decorative Box/Tray

*Chocolates and fresh cheeses may not be shipped during warm weather or to warm climates.Substitutions may be made.
Balić Winery's Cream Red Wine, Flavored Water Crackers, Imported Biscotti, Fresh Creamy Havarti Cheese*, Fresh Brie Cheese*, Semi-Solid Milk Chocolate Foiled Pear, Chocolate Covered Fruit Bites, "Home Sweet Home" Themed Box

*Substitutions may be made when shipping during warm months or to warm climates